16ft gaff rigged, traditional wooden boat


– hull model and construction Cristobal Verde, shipwright of Sarteneja
– open cockpit designed by ED.
– Completed in 2010
vivero forestal - tierra
Mast - mastil 16 feet

– First boat in the world
made of bio-epoxy Super Sap from Entropy Resins, California:
– 100 lb keal lead ballast


Natty Dreads
Natty Dread of Sarteneja
Natty Dreads sailing


11,500 $BZ

Visible in Sittee River – Hopkins


Edward Le Rouvre (owner, captain, boat designer)
636 5677
664 8852

picture coming soon

Deck lenth 31′

Deck keel 25′

Beam 9′ 6″

Draft 3′ 6″

40 Hp Yamaha

Ballast lead

Built in 2007 Juan Guerrero


38,500 $BZ

Boat visible in Caye Caulker

Contact Juan Guerrero owner 636 1123



Year built: 2005
Manufacture: Juan Guerrero
Overall length: 27ft 

beam: 8ft

Draft: 3ft

Net tonnage: 3 tons
Engine information: yamaha 40 hp


30,000 $BZ

Contact num: 667-9499
Contact name: Ileanie Montalvo

Boat visible at the ferry, Chunox


Lenth deck 31′

keel 24′

Beam 9′ 6″

Draft 4″

Built in 2013 by Cristobal Verde (see pictures)


39,000 $BZ

Boat visible in Sarteneja

Contact Cristobal Verde in main street

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LOA                                        28’ 6’’

LWL                                        22’6’

Beam                                    8’ 6’

Draft                                      2’6’’

Sail                                         Gaff Rigged Main / Working jib

Tiempo de la Isla (Island Time) is designed after the traditional wooden fishing boats of Belize. She was built in 2012 by master shipwright Juan Guerrero in the fishing village of Sarteneja, Belize, the 28th boat  in his 30 year career.  The boat is built from the exotic woods of Belize including bullet wood for the full length keel, santa maria for the hull, and mahogany for the cabin and deck.

Tiempo de la Isla has provided the current owners the perfect boat to cruise the waters and reefs of Belize and enjoy fabulous sailing, snorkeling and fishing. The shallow draft allows access to beautiful shoal water anchorages. This shallow full length keel impacts the ability for fast sailing windward, but the large main sail allows for reaches and downwind runs at a breathtaking 8 to 10 knots.

Although based on traditional designs which are perfectly suited to the shoal water and coral reefs in Belize she is equipped with amenities for a cruising couple including the following:

Kitchen area with sink and stove

Comfortable large bed


40 gallon water tank


Depth and Chart Plotter

Enclosed self contained area for gas and propane

2014 Yamaha 20 hp outboard

2 danforth anchors

1 claw anchor

Vhf radio

Life Jackets

Washdown pump



To see the boat contact;
Juan Guerrero (501) 636 11 23

Boat visible in Sarteneja


Deck lenth 31′

Keel lenth 24′

Beam 9’6″

Draft 4′

Built by Cristobal Verde

Visible in Sarteneja on main street

Contact: (501) 651 0330

Cristobal Verde


37,000 $BZ